Nozlee Samadzadeh

Hello! I’m a computer programmer, sewist, editor, and writer based in New York City.

Computer programming

I’m a senior software engineer at the New York Times, where I work on the Oak story editor. In the past I’ve been a senior full stack engineer and tech lead at Vox Media working on Chorus, and made iOS apps for publications like The Awl and the London Review of Books at 29th Street Publishing. In 2017, I was selected as a technologist for Rhizome’s Seven on Seven at the New Museum, for which I built a very specialized CMS.


I sew all of my own clothes. You can read a statement about my sewing practice here.


I’ve worked as an editor at The Morning News, where for almost a decade I was the producer of the Tournament of Books. In the past I’ve been an assistant editor at Food52.


My primary beats are technology, food/cooking/farming, contemporary art, and wherever any of them intersect. (Caveat: many of the following links are forever lost to time and web servers.)

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